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Kitty Purry & BIG Sunglasses!

...and this is some inspiring shit...

Katy Perry wanna be, Megan Fox I should be!
9 March
It's Not Me, It's You:

28. Brown-eyed, brunette. (Doesn't really live in Australia, but shoulda coulda woulda); Icon maker. Shia LaBeouf lover. Katy Perry wanna be, Megan Fox I should be. Snowboarder, beer drinker, loud laugher. Often likes to bitch, moan, and swear. Past myspace whore, bookFACE frequenter. n.joys the sounds of Cage and Rumspringa, too. Has an uncanny ability to ignore, and altogether forget about this LJ...because really, Jemmie is my doppleganger. whenmyeyesroam is my passion (If I could make $$$ off that bitch, I would).

Visit my other half at the Conjourn: whenmyeyesroam (it's no random blog) |
I have a photography community: arbitrarybeauty

I don't do those fanfic writing things...nor do I follow them. I find them rather frightening, quite frankly. But I do ♥ Shia LaBeouf and Katy Perry. & Photoshop, icons, $$$, big sunglasses, running, vegans & vegetarians, mini australian shepards, singing, celebrities who sing acostic-style. MOAR? Most def.


*profile tweeked just a bit by jemmieroxy
I made my banner. LUVS it.

amazing the things you desire and cannot have...

and so i saw fit to desire those things that were deemed beautiful and unattainable and
so i left those things that were within my reach to be passed through my grasp and i lost them.

i now dream of things gone and nothing comes, just the wind at my finger tips.

Katy Perry, the punk bitch I could never be.